Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club


Agistment for your horse at the Terranora Lakes Equestrian Club Incorporated is $70 per month per horse. Please make an enquiry to Jo our agistment officer on 0409 614 265 for current placement availability.

Agistees must be active riders who help/work at no less than 3 events per year. Daily care of your horses is the responsibility of the owner.

Agistees must be actively involved in voluntary activities such as working bees, event days, and cleaning water troughs. To keep our amazing club running smoothly it is expected that all agistees will be participating in activities on a regular basis.

Firstly an agistment application must be filled out and submitted to the club Agistment officer Jo Deathh. You will be notified of your acceptance/denial to TLEC's agistment waiting list.

All agistees must become a member of the club and sign a waiver form; waiver forms are listed below.

Before your horse enters the paddock they will need to be wormed and then they will be confined in a small area for at least 48 hours. You will then need to follow our compulsory worming program and worm your horse on each nominated day. Wormers are included in the agistment fees.

Agistment application and Agistment agreement are linked at the bottom of this page, click on your requirement, print and submit.

All agistment enquiries to Jo Deathh .
Phone: 0409 614 265


All contacts are noted on the contact us page.

Thank you and Happy Riding.